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she’s a very sweet girl and has slept with me thru the night. she’s doing very well, eating, playing, etc. being a normal pup. she’s getting used to a crate off and on thru the day, just to get her adjusted. she’s not been with any other dogs yet as I want to make sure she’s ok and it appears that she’s fine.

* Rasheda
Beverly Hills, CA
Our puppy Lucy was ship to us successfully without a problem, We love our new puppy!! Her name is Lucy and she is the sweetest pup around. She is very playful, naps a lot as you said & doing well with potty training. She is just a joy and the perfect addition to our family! Thank you.
*Richard Owens
Colorado Springs, CO
Just wanted to let you know we are so incredibly in love with Angel!!! She is such a good girl and smart as all get out. She is loving life on the farm and already trying out her herding skills on the cows, horses, chickens, and cats. We never have her on a leash; she listens well and plays outside all day with us while we work about. People give good comments all the time whenever i take her out for a walk. Oh my God, am really glad.
* Regards Anthony
Dallas, TX
For anyone interested in adding a Yorkie to your family this is the place for you! I have had my sweet beautiful Jersey for almost two weeks now. She is so sweet, well behaved and has been so fast and easy to train. I believe the way John cares for them is the reason they are so special. Jersey has added a lot more love to our home.  
yorkie from bauer
*Jennifer & Bauer
Baltimore, MD
puppy from kimberly
My husband and I brought our sweet Blinky into the family.. He wasn’t sure about having a poodle in the family since he has always heard that they were curious and loving dogs. Bailey has been with us for almost 3 years now. She is without a doubt the best dog that we have ever met. She is calm, loving, and so friendly! We have had so many people compliment us on her temperament and how cute she is. We are so thankful that we found you. We always tell people that if we ever get another dog, it would be from you!
* Kimberly & Mark
Chicago, IL

I am So So Happy..!!

What a wonderful experience working with you has been in regards to our puppy. He was fine as soon as we picked him up at the airport and didn’t seem at all shy which was great. You did a great job socializing him. He was a little explorer as soon as we got him back to the house and has been a bundle of fun and energy ever since. He has a very sweet nature and is happily settled in. Hard to believe it has only been a week, we feel like we’ve had him forever! Your help and instruction to get him off to the right start have been invaluable.
You really know what you are doing with your dogs. Thanks so much for all your help. He truly is beautiful and a joy to have in our family. His name is Cody and I think it suits him just right.
*Khalifar Wiltz
Toronto, Canada
puppy from julie
Hello, there, I just wanted to write and let you know how Katja is doing. She is the best behaved pup that I have ever had. It is obvious that you did a great job with her in her developmental weeks and I am benefiting from your work. She is a true joy and I am more grateful to you than I can say. Your work and your breeding standards really show in the dogs that you produce. Thank you again, your kennel is a credit to the wonderful Poodle breed.
* Julie Smiths
Friendswood, Texas
puppy from shina
We live in Fort Worth and picked up our fur baby in San Antonio. The whole process was very smooth and easy. Any time we reached out with any questions or concerns we got a quick response. Everything happened the exact way it was supposed to. I also liked getting updates and pictures of her before pick up. Very professional. We love our Hazel! She is perfect! 
*Shina Rae
Fort Worth, TX
chihuahua from lizzy
My experience with you guys was beyond wonderful. I found the APPLE of my eye. My baby “Juicy” is the most wonderful doggy I could have ever hoped for. I looked at hundreds of puppies until I came across a photo of Juicy! That was it, I was SOLD. She had the exact look I wanted, which was perfect! Juicy and I are having a love affair with one another. She follows Mommy everywhere and gives me so much love. She has the best personality ever! I can’t walk down the street or go anywhere without being stopped by everyone asking about her. She is like a little Celebrity. I know I could not have found a better pup than my little one. So much thanks
* Dr. Lizzy
Sacramento, CA
yorkie from joyce

My experience with Let’s you was as close to perfect as possible. The process particularly, was professional, informational, thorough and, above all, demonstrated a dedication for placing the puppy in a safe, loving home. Your wife is extremely knowledgeable about the Yorkshire Terrier breed and breeding history. She is more than happy to discuss any aspect of the breed, her lines and, of course, the puppies.

Meticulous is the key impression I came away with after my interaction/purchase was complete. From the initial contact, there is screening of the client (me). I was questioned about my history with dogs and which veterinarian I used. I did not mind this at all, it gave me the impression that I was dealing with a professional who truly cared about the future for the puppies she so carefully and lovingly raises. The wait for a pup can be longer than some are used to but you thoughtfully breeds your dogs with a frequency that has the health and well being of the parents in mind. All of this information is readily available of the website, so there are no surprises. In conclusion, all I can say is that getting one of your pups is worth the wait. My Ruby is a true gem and gives me unending joy.

*Joys Spencer
Miami, FL

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