Our Puppies are more than pets, they are our family. All of our dogs live inside of our home. Our puppies are raised by hand, loved and cared for from the moment they entered this world. Our puppies come home socialized because they grow up with constant human interaction, attention, and affection. You can expect a companion like non other, because we pour our heart and soul into bringing these tiny treasures into the world.

We are a small family with mom, dad, a daughter and two sons with grand children. Our friends also are interested in what we do and often will help deliver puppies or help take care of them. We have been married for over 35 years and our sons were raised with dogs all of their live. We also have cats, goats and some birds (cageless-birds). We have deep roots connecting us back to Canada, We have been to Canada morethan 6 times and would encourage anyone to make a visit. Our house is constantly busy with new puppies arriving and perspective adopters stopping by for a visit.

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Our breeding program concentrates on size, health, and temperament of the puppies, delivering only the very best Puppies n many colors and personalities. Seeing a growing request, by puppy lovers has lead us to seek other breeds for breeding. We are recognized for our breeding program that promotes sizes of puppies. Our puppies are bred and raised under foot, in the company of children and other pets. Our home is kept spotless and we use state of the art Ionic filters throughout our house and Puppy Rooms, to ensure the best air quality possible. Our puppies are raised with their best interest in mind.

What sets us apart from the average breeder and retail puppy stores is our attention to their basic needs as they mature into a well adjusted adult. We work with our puppies to set up scheduled feedings. Our advanced house training and social skills begins once our puppies start eating solids. Our house training methods steer our Puppies to adapt to any home environment including Paper Training, Litter Training and going outside. This training makes our puppies familiar with most living situations.

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